Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kelly vs the false promises

Cllr Anthony Kelly has taken the fight to the Fine Gael/Labour coalition, tackling their Wexford town council members on the continued hardships being caused to families by the Universal Social Charge, and the missing €21 million earmarked for the "guaranteed" extension of Wexford General Hospital.

Last Monday night, at a meeting of Wexford Borough Council, Cllr Kelly tabled a motion calling for the abolishment of the Universal Social Charge. This came after his fellow party councillor Johnny Mythen had a similar motion passed by Enniscorthy town council last month. Despite the pre election promises made by the Labour party in regard to abolishing the USC, the Labour reps on Wexford Borough Council joined their FG partners in voting down Cllr Kellys motion.

Next, Cllr Kelly raised the issue of the missing €21 million which had been billed to cover the cost of vital extension work to Wexford General Hospital. Cllr Kelly pushed a motion calling for an enquiry into the whereabouts of the missing funds. Incredibly, Labour and Fine Gael reps once again voted down his motion.

"I've seen it all now," Cllr Kelly said.

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