Sunday, June 8, 2014

"We won't be shut up" - Wexford Sinn Féin Council Team

Speaking after his first County Council meeting, a newly elected Sinn Féin rep questioned the method of creation of a Fianna Fail/Fine Gael led coalition to govern the new council.  Cllr Oisin O' Connell said the creation of the coalition - which includes Labour, some independents as well as Fianna Fail and Fine Gael - was kind of flattering: proof that Sinn Féin's rise scared the "cosy consensus" enough, that they were willing to form a super-coalition just to keep them out.
The Sinn Féin team on Wexford County Council

Cllr O' Connell said;

" Great effort was expended (in terms of granting positions) in peeling off the necessary number of independents, to deny Sinn Féin/Others the maximum number of places as a bloc - affecting other independents, not just Sinn Féin; it's kind of flattering this much effort was expended in trying to shut us out - but we won't be shut up."

"Our team insisted on a roll-call vote for all positions, to ensure maximum transparency and accountability of all councillors, party and non-party.  The sheer results of placements received, and voting patterns locked in during this meeting, should speak for themselves. These are now in the public record."

" Sinn Féin, People Before Profit and the two Independents who actually remain 'independent' could have shared a special policy committee chair, and several other positions together.   We demonstrated our own generosity in willingness to share these positions. We will continue to spotlight voting patterns, regarding budgets and more, of all councillors to assure that the transparency returns to local politics and the public knows exactly what their local reps are voting for. We will not be part of a cosy consensus."

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