Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cosy junta makes a farce of democracy - Mythen

A new Enniscorthy County Councillor has said that the creation of a new super coalition on Wexford County Council comprising Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and more than half of the county's independent reps does not bode well for democracy.  Cllr Johnny Mythen has called on the council to adopt the d'hondt system where possible in the future to respect the wishes of the electorate.
Cllr Johnny Mythen with Martin McGuinnes and Cllr Oisin O' Connell
"The electorate did not vote on the 23rd of May for the old style business as usual," Cllr Mythen said, "The ease and quickness of Parties who are supposed to be in opposition (Fianna Fail) and the government allies, Fine Gael and Labour, and a so called group of independents in forming a coalition of the willing was astonishing to say the least.  Sinn Fein's exposure of the voting pattern should leave no one in doubt of the self interest and motive behind such a cabal."

"All five Sinn Fein County Councillors plus people before profit and the two true Independents who are now in opposition represent a little under 10,000 voters.  It does not bode well for democracy to  consciously and deliberately shut the door in their faces, nor will we allow anybody to do so."

"Sinn Fein has demonstrated across the Country their progressiveness in adopting the d'hondt system  where possible.  This is a system that is based on proportional representation giving everyone a fair place at the table.  It has worked very well in the six counties and has allowed the various sides to come together fairly and efficiently."

"However not so for County Wexford where just a week before some independents had sworn allegiance to the electorate to fight against austerity. Now they have no problem in supporting a Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour pact to keep Sinn Fein and the smaller groups at bay, but not for long."       

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