Monday, June 30, 2014

Roche welcomes new green area for Hazelwood

The demolition of long abandoned house foundations and the backfilling of the area to make a new green area is an important step in the renovation of a South Wexford estate according to a local County Councillor.  Cllr Mick Roche, who had highlighted the dangers of the unfinished constructions in the past, welcomed the move and said that it was only the beginning.

"Hazelwood is a prime example of an unfinished boom estate that was left to rot after the crash," Cllr Roche said, "The estate was left with boarded up houses, abandoned footings which were exposed and battered internal roads.  I'm glad to say that the council has moved to rectify one of the most pressing concerns; potentially dangerous house foundations which would have eventually resulted in an accident."

"Wexford County Council are now removing these footings, backfilling the site and converting it to a new communal green area.  The hard working Bridgetown Community Group and local residents need to be praised for the work they put in to ensure that these steps were taken."

"The next step is to have the villages boarded up houses renovated and utilised.  For too long this community, and many like it, have been ignored.  That day has to be over and I will fight to represent the forgotten families and communities of South Wexford on the new County Council."

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