Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Roche not convinced that Fardystown Water Scheme is safe

The Department of the Environment will not fund any operation to soften the water being distributed through the fardystown water scheme as it is deemed 'healthy and wholesome' and entirely safe for human consumption.  Local Sinn Féin candidate Mick Roche has refused to accept this however, and has said that he is not convinced that the public water supply servicing most of the south of the Wexford district is entirely safe for drinking.

"There is an obvious problem with the hard water coming from the fardystown scheme due to the geological area in which it is situated," Mr Roche said, "This is causing havoc by damaging electric kettles and showers, reducing water flow by clogging pipes and actually increasing utility bills due to the build up of scale in the water heater.  The Department of the Environment is not denying any of this but are determined to take no action as, in their view, there is no health risk in drinking water from the fardystown scheme."

"Recently, Daragh Cullinane, a senior engineer with Wexford County Council, advised listeners to South East Radio that hard water was actually better for you as it was rich in minerals.  Hard water is in fact high in mineral salts, especially calcium and magnesium ions.  Mr Cullinane also advised that brown or putrid water being delivered to a home is unacceptable and should be reported.  This is where the problem lays."

"Homes across South Wexford periodically receive foul smelling, brown water through their taps.  It can happen without warning and is almost never reported as people have grown accustomed to have nothing done about it.  How can the Department of the Environment claim that fardystown water is healthy and wholesome when the smell of it can cause retching at times?"

"I appreciate the recent action taken by the Mayor of Wexford in highlighting the issue of hard water, but this goes beyond limescale in a kettle and should not be played down by anyone within the County Council.  This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately because the people of South Wexford are not going to pay for dirty water that the Government says is healthy for their children."

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