Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gateway Scheme a Scam - Mythen

The Governments new Gateway scheme is a getaway scheme from paying workers a fair wage according to the Chairperson of Enniscorthy Town Council.  Cllr Johnny Mythen said that the scheme will lead to exploitation of the unemployed, demoralisation of the labour force and the lowering of wages.

"The Gateway scheme was first announced in budget 2013.  Anyone unemployed over two years will be mandated to take part in this scheme if selected.  The process of selection will be entirely managed by the Social Welfare / Intreo office.   A minimum of €208 will be paid.  Depending on circumstances tax and PRSI may apply."

"If this scheme is fully adopted, the only function it will achieve is to prolong indefinitely the public service recruitment embargo.  It will lower wages especially in the manual end of the labour market.  It will demoralise people because its takes away the principle of choice.  People want real jobs, meaningful jobs and decent paid jobs, not this forced cynical manipulation of the unemployed."

"This is a race to the bottom, driven by a motive of vested interest and the obsessive desire to massage unemployment statistics.  This is a gateway leading to exploitation. Replacing fully paid proper jobs with cheaper labour, I wonder if the people who dream up these schemes, if their jobs were suddenly being replaced by “yellow pack workers” what would their reaction be.   This gateway scheme is a getaway scheme from paying ordinary decent people a fair wage and should be resisted by all fair minded Citizens.   It must be opposed by all trade unionists on this Island."

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  1. I am at the moment being called apond to join the work force at gateway I am not over joyed by the prospect I cant explain the way I feel about it but I am devastated My crime is to be unemployed community work is normally given to people who has commited one but in my case and many others we are getting sentenced without the court date.