Friday, March 28, 2014

Mythen highlights serious lack of broadband

Cllr Johnny Mythen,  has highlighted the serious  lack of Broadband coverage available to small businesses and the general public in his recent motion fully endorsed by Enniscorthy Town Council.
Cllr. Mythen stated;  
"I have spoken to people from the enterprise centre in Enniscorthy and the  chamber of commerce.  They have experienced long delays and grave difficulties in dealing with the companies involved in supplying broadband."  

"One manager said that there was at least up to 200 jobs lost within the locality in the last two years.  They were lost because they had to relocate due to  the poor quality and inconsistency of the  broadband service.  Not only are they not connecting up the dots but their not connecting up the kiosks.  As a result our small communities and Towns are loosing out on precious employment opportunities which we all know  are rare and scarce enough in this neck of the woods."

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