Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bord Gáis price hike unacceptable - North Wexford Sinn Féin

North Wexford Sinn Féin has criticised the Commission for Energy Regulation for granting Bord Gáis permission to introduce a 8.5% price hike.  Local spokesperson Fionntán O’ Súilleabháin said that the hike was unacceptable and would unquestionably lead to further poverty for struggling bill payers.

Mr O’ Súilleabháin said;

"The energy regulators granting of permission to Bord Gáis to hike up their prices by 8.5% represents an annual increase of €62 for the average Irish home.  This will leave struggling families facing yearly gas bills of close to €800."

"In May Bord Gáis announced that they would have to increase their prices due to the high global price of oil and gas.  That same month they announced a profit of €120 million.  This price hike is not absolutely necessary as Bord Gáis are attempting to portray and will do untold damage to an already ravaged local economy."

"With this price hike we will see more families spiralling into poverty, more bill payers forced to go into arrears and more vulnerable people such as the elderly and sick being placed in critical danger as they struggle to heat their homes this winter.  We will also see rivals suppliers quickly adapt and raise their prices meaning nobody will be safe."

"Sinn Féin would call upon the energy regulator to immediately review this decision and reject Bord Gáis's application for a price increase."

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