Thursday, September 20, 2012

Austerity government has no clothes - Mythen

Cllr Johnny Mythen has accused the Fine Gael/Labour government of obeying the orders of unelected bankers as they prepare more mass austerity measures for budget 2013.  The local Sinn Féin councillor said that attempts by the government to justify the paying out of over €60 billion into dysfunctional banks while vital services were cut was an clearly an example of the emperor having no clothes.

"Again we witness a government obeying the orders of unelected bankers and huge corporations. I ask the question when are they going to even attempt to stand up for our nation?  This is the kernel of our problem. Under the cloak of convenience they cut grants to education, threaten reductions in pensions and disability payments, cut winter fuel allowances while on the 1st of October they will willingly and without a whisper hand over one billion euro's to senior unsecured, unguaranteed bond holders."

"We, the ordinary citizens of this country have already poured €60 billion into dysfunctional banks.  Compared to our size and population no other Country in the E.U. was asked to pay as much per capita."

"As long as this austerity policy continues to be pursued by our Government our unemployment level will rise, our young talented people will continue to emigrate, and our domestic economy will crumble.  Someone please tell the king "he has no cloths" before it's too late."

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