Monday, August 13, 2012

NAMA commercial property should be utilised by local small business – Kelly

Cllr Anthony Kelly has called on NAMA and the government to put the necessary framework in place to allow NAMA held commercial property to be used by local small to medium enterprises at affordable rents and rates in an effort to stimulate the local economy. The Sinn Féin councillor said that NAMAs estimated €150 million worth of assets within the county must be put at the disposal of the people of Wexford and claimed that the utilisation of these empty buildings could create jobs, commerce and the conditions necessary for economic recovery.

“NAMA released its annual report last month which showed that the state body had assets which they estimated to be worth €150 million in County Wexford,” Cllr Kelly said. “Among these assets are buildings which were or could easily become commercial property. Since 2008 we have seen 40,000 retail jobs lost in this state. Many of these jobs were lost when businesses folded. Many of them could have been saved. The high cost of commercial rents and rates has left many capable businesses out in the cold.”

“The utilisation of NAMA held commercial properties by these businesses and new start ups could create jobs and save many more. The government could place fair rents and rates on these properties as an incentive for these businesses. In return they would make a pledge to take on workers from the live register in ratio to their rent, the size of their property and type of business.”

“This plan would create jobs and boost flagging commerce in our towns. It would create new revenue for the state as more people get back to work. It would in short create the conditions necessary for economic recovery. It would also see empty buildings back in use.”

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