Monday, August 20, 2012

Hunger Strike Remembered in Taghmon

A vigil in memory of republican hunger striker Mickey Devine was held in the village of Taghmon in South Wexford last Friday night. Up to forty republicans braved the poor weather conditions and attended the event organised by the local Gleeson Sinn Féin cumann.

Its approaching the 31st anniversary of Mickey Devines death on hunger strike in the H-Blocks on the 20th of August 1981. The twenty seven year old from the Creggan in Derry city was the third INLA Volunteer to join and die in the hunger strike. He had taken over as the INLAs blanketmen O/C after the death of his comrade Patsy O'Hara.

On Sunday, June 21st, 1981, he completed his fourth year on the blanket, and the following day he joined Joe McDonnell, Kieran Doherty, Kevin Lynch, Martin Hurson, Thomas McElwee and Paddy Quinn on hunger strike. With the 50 % remission available to conforming prisoners, Micky would have been due out of jail next September. Instead he chose to honour his ideals and died for them at 7.50 am on Thursday, August 20th.

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