Monday, August 27, 2012

Kelly responds to Brownes "populist Sinn Féin" comments

Cllr Anthony Kelly has described Deputy John Brownes comments accusing Sinn Féin of populism and opposing government austerity for the sake of opposition as pathetic and a reflection of Fianna Fails political irrelevance and impotency in opposition.  The Wexford Sinn Féin Councillor said that Fianna Fail were incapable of opposing the Fine Gael and Labour regime as it was busy implementing the failed economic policies of the last Fianna Fail led government.

Cllr Kelly said;                  

"The scatty comments made by Deputy Browne accusing Sinn Féin of practising populist politics and opposing government policy to make electorate gain are pathetic and a sorry reflection of Fianna Fails own impotency in opposition.  We never expected Fianna Fail to offer much opposition to a Fine Gael and Labour coalition who set out from the start to implement the failed economic policies of the last Fianna Fail government, but their endorsement of the very worse measures of austerity inflicted upon the electorate has been truly sickening."

"Clearly Fianna Fail are not the leaders of the opposition in Leinster House as they so often claim to be when they morally support failed policies like the household charge and the sale of state assets.  They are political irrelevant at this stage."

"Sinn Féin is not a populist party as Deputy Browne claims.  In fact we were the only ones to voice caution when Battleship Bertie was busy squandering the wealth of Celtic Tiger Ireland.  At the time people like Deputy Browne accused Sinn Féin of being cranks.  It is not populism to propose measures that will best protect this state and its people."

"Sinn Féin has offered progressive alternatives to the austerity measures which have been implemented by Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Greens over the past four years.  Our proposals are costed by the Department of Finance and push the ideal that those who can afford to pay more should do so.  Rather than targeting ordinary people in budget 2013, the government and its cheerleaders in Fianna Fail should be looking at proactive measures like the introduction of a wealth tax, the capping of public servants wages at €100,000 per annum and the easing of the public service recruitment embargo."

"Above all they should be looking at a real job creation programme, which is the only measure that can tackle the economic crisis which this state is faced with in the long term.  This is something that the Fianna Fails and Fine Gaels of this state have been unable to grasp."

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