Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mythen has deep concerns over Burton Sick Pay Plan

Enniscorthy Cllr Johnny Mythen has expressed his deep concerns over Minister Joan Burtons new employer funded sick pay plan after it was revealed that sick employees may be subjected to humiliating visits to a ‘company nominated doctor’ in order to obtain acceptable medical certs to verify their illness. The Sinn Féin rep said that this was moving the plan in a dangerous direction and a making it a clear threat to workers basic human rights.
Cllr Mythen said;

“The revelations that Minister Burton is considering a proposal that would compel sick employees to attend a specific company doctor to obtain a medical cert are disappointing. The doctor in question will be paid by the employer, therefore prejudicing his decision in favour of the company. This begs the question: whose interest is the Labour minister favouring and protecting; the employers or the workers? The constant erosion of workers’ rights should be a deep concern to all, and minister's who pamper up to the cosy lobbyist's should realise their actions will have dire consequences on fundamental human rights.”

“Apparently the rationale behind this move is that Employers have expressed concern over how easily obtainable Medical certificates are for employees, and how willing GPs are to certify employees off sick and unable to attend work. They cite the fact that 85% of sick certs say the employee cannot do any work at all as proof of this. I would invite Minister Burton or a representative from the government to come public and challenge the integrity and professionalism of Irish GPs instead of hiding behind a vague, fraudulent excuse which will be used to erode workers rights and deprive them of their dignity.”

“It is clear that Minister Burton is attempting to find a compromise to prevent sick pay being eradicated altogether but she cannot allow this to become an excuse for the erosion of workers basic rights. Many workers will have no wish, nor are they under any obligation, to share their personal medical history with their employers. The Ministers plan is moving in a dangerous direction and she needs to clarify the situation immediately before anything is signed off on that will impact detrimentally on employees.”

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