Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vinegar Hill sees renewed pledge of resistance against household tax

Despite adverse weather conditions, up to one hundred protestors against the household tax took to historic Vinegar Hill overlooking the town of Enniscorthy today. The protestors were keen to renew their pledge of resistance against attempts to make them pay the controversial charge and to send a message to County Wexford’s five TDs urging them to vote yes to a Dail bill which seeks to reverse the household tax this week.

Among those who spoke at the event were Dominick Gaughan, Owen Dunbar, Breda Fowler, Deirdre Wadding and Daithi Kavanagh, who finished the rally with a rousing rendition of Boolavogue.

“We are now in the second phase of the campaign against the household tax,” Dominick Gaughan told the crowd, “Our level of commitment and resolve has not changed. This campaign has not gone away. In the words of Larkin, the great no longer appear great because we are on our feet.”

“The threat of 'compliance letters' being sent to non paying households over the next weeks and months can be seen as a measure of desperation by the government to quieten the storm of protest that will meet the beginning of the septic tank registration, water meter installation in October and the drafting of legislation for the property tax. The upcoming measures all point to an average of one thousand euro or more a year on household bills.”

The organisers of the event also led a picket on the Enniscorthy Constituency Office of Paul Kehoe TD this morning where they were confronted by an angry Deputy Kehoe. During a heated debate, the protestors told Deputy Kehoe that he was a “disgrace” and informed him that he was not representing the electorate of County Wexford by backing a tax that had clearly been rejected by the public.

Local Sinn Féin elected reps, Cllr Anthony Kelly from Wexford and Cllr Johnny Mythen from Enniscorthy also attended the rally on Vinegar Hill. Earlier in the day they had been part of a group who had handed out several hundred leaflets informing the public about the revenue raising alternatives to the household charge that are available and about the Local Government (Household Charge) (Repeal) Bill 2012 which is being put before the Dail by Sinn Féin next week.

If successful the bill will abolish the household tax and fully reimburse all those who have paid the charge. A protest will be held outside the Dail this Wednesday evening at 5pm during which time it is expected that voting will take place on the Household Charge repeal bill. Buses will be running from Wexford.

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