Monday, August 22, 2011

New Ross Sinn Féin call for Marshmeadow plan to be re-examined

New Ross Sinn Féin are calling on the National Roads Authority to assess the viability of a second bridge for New Ross at an alternative site following the announcement that the planned bypass for the town has been shelved indefinitely. Local Sinn Féin activist Ger Barron has said that the Marshmeadow site suggested by his party as a cheaper and more realistic location for a second bridge should now be re-examined by the NRA.

Mr Barron said;
“The problem of traffic congestion has been a consistent predicament for the town of New Ross. Several initiatives have been tried with varied degrees of success, but the solution remains as it was ten years ago; a new bridge is needed. The failure of the NRA’s over ambitious plan for the bypass of New Ross is something that local Sinn Féin have predicted for some years. We proposed a much cheaper and more convenient route at marshmeadows.”

“New Ross Sinn Féin have long frowned upon the idea of taking traffic five miles outside the town at huge expense when a new bridge could be constructed at a cheaper cost at Marshmeadows, less than a quarter of a mile from New Ross. Sinn Féin presented this argument in our ‘Blueprint for New Ross’ which was released in 2002, and at subsequent public meetings down through the years. Our viewpoint was ignored by arrogant local politicians who thought that they knew best. Now their idiotic single mindedness has left New Ross without a much needed public amenity which should have been provided during the boom years.”

“The postponement of the New Ross bypass may be a blessing in disguise. The route should now be scrutinised and the Marshmeadow plan re-evaluated. Whereas private funding cannot be found for a route that was excessively expensive and provided few perks for the town of New Ross; perhaps it can be found for a sensible bridge at Marshmeadows.”

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