Friday, August 26, 2011

No Water Charges campaign launched in North Wexford

Wexford Town Sinn Féin councillor, Anthony Kelly was guest speaker for the launch of the North Wexford Anti Water Charges Campaignwhich was took place in the Church of Ireland Old School, Gorey on Thursday night. He outlined how the campaign was slowly gaining strength across the county stating:
"The introduction of the Household Tax to fund the water meters, which will cost up to a staggering one billion euro, and the announcement of a timeline for the initiation of water charges shows we cannot bury our head in the sand and avoid these charges."

"However, the reality of this latest tax doesn't seem to have hit home with most people yet. It is simply a lie for the government to claim this is about water conservation. It is not. Up to 58% of treated water across the country is wasted through broken pipes before it even reaches people's homes. The No Water Charges Campaign believe the government should focus on fixing our crumbling water infrastructure rather than penalising ordinary households with yet another levy.We have a class of "new poor" in this country who are stretched to breaking point with huge mortgages and who are being fleeced with this latest revenue generating tax.They simply can take no more.You just can't get blood out of a stone" he said.

He went on to encourage "local areas, estates, communities, rural and urban to form local committees.The No Water Charges Campaign will provide you with materials and assist you in any way"

Chair on the night, Fionntán Ó Suilleabháin, stated that "Water charges will hit everyone.Even those in country areas with private wells will also be hit by the charge. As the government will not have water meters installed at the time of the introduction of the charges, a flat rate charge will be applied on all households." He also slammed the Labour Party for their u-turn on the issue since the recent election. "The ink is hardly dry on their pre-election manifesto which stated that they would oppose such an unjust charge. Now just months later they are implementing it. Not even one of Co.Wexford's five T.D.s voted to oppose this when it was put before Leinster House this summer."

Liz Kenny (Gorey) pointed out that "there are many other fairer ways to generate revenue. A third tax band of 48% on those earning in excess of E100,000 per annum could be introduced, as could a 1% wealth tax on those with assets worth more than E1 million, excluding working farmland."

Anyone who would like to organise a group in their local area are asked to contact the campaign. A facebook group has also been established called "No Water Charges Wexford". A blog is also running called "" and a national website called "". ENDS.

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