Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Big Spender

So, let me get right to the point,
I don't pop my cork for ev'ry guy I see.
Hey, big spender, spend...
A little time with...me...me...me!
Do you wanna have fun?

The lyrics of the Shirley Bassey song sung by strippers to taunt their customers comes to mind when this blog read about Brendan Howlins spending binge in todays Wexford Echo.

Just what processed the Minister for public reform to spend a small fortune on stationary and office comforts while people across this island struggle to survive.

Today we learned that the government is to introduce a new household charge of €100. The already under siege people of Ireland are facing water charges and a property tax too. The grime spectre of public service cuts hangs in the air. From recent comments by Joan Burton, its clear that all benefits will be targeted in the next budget.

Meanwhile tax breaks are costing the country about fifty times the revenue which the new household charge will generate. Exact figures on the revenue lost to tax breaks cannot be presented as successive governments have failed to identify the figures. Some of these tax breaks serve a social cause but many are being misused to allow a wealthy elite to avoid paying fair taxes.

What is the Minister with responsibility for reforming the system worrying about?

A sign for the door of his private toilet of course.

Thats right folks, Minister Howlin decided it was a good idea to spend nearly fifty euro on a sign for his private toilet.

What Scrooge McHowlin spent YOUR money on...
New Furniture charges supply and delivery of filing cabinets EUR4,781.44
New Tea Station charge from OPW EUR7,638 incl. VAT
Plus EUR4,368 for Plumbing and Electrical Works incl. VAT
Shredder for Constituency office in Wexford. EUR592.9 euros incl.VAT
Fax machine for Constituency office in Wexford. EUR317.02 euros incl.VAT
Dictation Transcriber for Constituency office in Wexford. EUR675.18 euros incl.VAT
Photo Copier for Constituency Office in Wexford EUR3,015 plus VAT = EUR3,648.15
Key cut for Minister’s toilet EUR47.67 Euros incl. VAT.
T.V. in room 1.20 appox EUR289.95 (Invoice not in as yet).
Power points/TV brackets in room 1.20 EUR84 euros plus VAT = EUR95.34
Room 1.23 install two TV Units EUR42 euros plus VAT = EUR47.67
Room 1.19 Hang notice board EUR21 euros plus VAT = EUR23.84
Room 1.19 install digi lock on door EUR204.55 plus VAT = EUR232.16
Room 1.23 Install digi lock on door EUR204.55 plus VAT = EUR232.16
IPhone for Minister Howlin EUR359.37
Sign for Minister’s toilet incl. VAT EUR47.67 Euros.
Hang three notice boards for staff member EUR42 euros plus VAT = EUR47.67.
Elevate desk in room 1.24 EUR84 euros plus VAT = EUR95.34.

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