Friday, July 29, 2011

Kelly gives Kehoe his answer

Following comments by Paul Kehoe on Thursdays edition of the morning mix on south east radio, where the Fine Gael deputy implied that there were no alternatives to harsh austerity taxes like the household charge, Cllr Anthony Kelly sent the following statement of reply into the show.

I wish to clarify Sinn Féins absolute opposition to the new household charge. We see this new charge as an extension of what Sinn Féin dubs the “family tax”; the universal social charge, proposed water charges and other regressive taxes on public services coming down the line.
This new charge represents the first steps in the creation of an Irish poll tax. Paul Kehoe asked your listeners to give him an alternative to this new tax. Wexford Sinn Féin suggests that Deputy Kehoe look to our proposals of introducing a third band of income tax at 48% on those earning in excess of €100,000 per annum, and placing a 1% wealth tax on those with assets worth more than €1 million, excluding working farmland.
I would also ask that County Wexfords government TDs provide estimated figures for how much revenue is being lost to the state through the misuse of tax breaks, which are being exploited by very wealthy people to increase their fortunes.

Cllr Anthony Kelly
Wexford Sinn Féin

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