Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Break the Tax Breaks instead of the Irish people – Kelly

Cllr Anthony Kelly calls for an end to unfair tax breaks for rich

Cllr Anthony Kelly has called for an end to unfair tax breaks for the well off following revelations that the government does not know how much tax revenue is lost to the state from 33 of the 115 tax breaks currently in operation. The Wexford Borough Councillor slammed the government for allowing these tax breaks to exist while targeting people on low incomes and benefits with extreme austerity.

“At a time when ordinary Irish families are suffering like never before, a system of elaborate tax breaks for the wealthy still operates,” Cllr Kelly said. “This is a throwback to the Fianna Fail gombeen years of corruption which this new government promised to end. They have clearly reneged on those promises by allowing these breaks to exist while breaking the ordinary Irish person with income cuts and new taxes.”

“It’s unjust and totally unacceptable. When pressed on the issue of tax breaks by Deputy Pearse Doherty, Minister Noonan admitted that one such break, the mid-Shannon tourism infrastructure scheme, cost the state €700,000 a year. Imagine how this money could be invested into the economy. The truth is that the funding for a proper jobs stimulus is available to our government. Unfortunately they have no intention of collecting it by ending these tax breaks.”

“The people of County Wexford need to contact their local government deputies and ask them, why are one elite group of Irish people being allowed to avoid austerity measures while the rest of us are crucified?"

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