Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“Amnesic” Labour Party u-turn on pension age is intolerable

Wexford Sinn Féin condemn proposals to raise the pension age to 68

Wexford Sinn Féin have reacted with outrage at the Labour party’s u-turn decision regarding raising the age of eligibility for the old age pension to sixty eight. Cllr Anthony Kelly has described the Labour party as an amnesic patient, seemingly unable to recall their pre general election promises to the electorate. One of those promises was not to cut the old age pension in anyway, but raising the age will result in cuts.

“The leadership of the Labour party seem to be suffering from amnesia,” Cllr Kelly said. “They really seem to have no memory of promising to maintain the old age pension at its current rates. The people of County Wexford took Labour at their word. Now our Fine Gael/Labour coalition government is proposing raising the pension age to sixty eight. This was the very thing that had local Labour reps like Brendan Howlin up in arms when Fianna Fail played with the idea last year. Raising the age of eligibility for the old age pension will amount to a 16% cut in pension entitlements. Minister Howlin promised the electorate of County Wexford that the Labour party in power would not cut the pension in anyway. Even Fianna Fail didn’t touch this lifeline for our elderly citizens.”

“This is yet another attack on the vulnerable in our society, the people who are seen as easy targets by our government. They will only be easy targets if the rest of us do nothing to help them. The Sinn Féin team in Leinster House will vote against the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill. I’m calling on the TDs who were elected by the people of County Wexford, including Minister Howlin, to do the same.”

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