Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A waste of taxpayers money

One thing that this blog hates is the use of taxpayers money by a politician to further their own political career. This is without exception an unlawful use of money taken by the state from under pressure citizens. If I were a milkman, would I be allowed to steal milk from the Creamery and sell it for my own personal profit? If I were a postman, would I be entitled to take money and packages from other peoples mail? If I were a banker, well maybe a banker is a bad example, but you get the point. A politician has no right to steal from the taxpayer.
Imagine this blogs horror then, when it found that a Wexford politician had seemed to recently misappropriate taxpayer funded stationary. Senator Liam Twomey, a former Fine Gael TD ( who actually won election as an Independent) is the offending politico. Senator Twomey recently used Seanad stationary and postage, paid for by the Irish taxpayer, to send letters to the homes of Wexford people. The letters were not instructions on how to survive the recession or even an alternative pre budget plan from Fine Gael, but rather a request for Wexford people to vote for Michael Collins in Ireland's Greatest, a recent obscure piece of semi factual history from RTE.

Senator Twomey and Michael Collins
 Twomeys request failed and Collins lost, not that it matters to anyone with half a brain who values a better future for the people of Ireland above quasi documentary filth coming out of RTE. What really matters is that Senator Twomey wasted Seanad funds to send out a letter that tried to connect the hasbeen doctor with a genuine Irish patriot. Perhaps if Senator Twomney wanted to stand in the light of patriotism, he should have spent his time fighting for the rights of the forgotten county of Wexford, who have already lost a rail service this year, and are in danger of losing their full time psychiatric unit at St. Senans and several important services at Wexford General hospital. Sadly, Senator Twomey decided running taxpayer funded advertisements for RTE was more of a priority for him.
While we appreciate Liam Twomeys newly found interest in Irish Republicanism, and greatly enjoyed his copyright poem about Collins, this blog finds that it must protest this gross misuse of taxpayers money, and question just why our beloved local media didn't bring this scandal to the attention of the people of Wexford. Laziness? Incompetence? Fear?

Senator Liam Twomey
We have brought it to your attention, and Sinn Féin will bring it to Senator Twomeys attention in the Seanad, and to the attention of his Fine Gael comrades on local councils and in Leinster House. Hopefully he will have an explanation for these letters. As for those who might say that these are reckless accusations to be making, this blog is currently holding five copies of Senator Twomeys letter, and can get their hands on many more. In fact, this blog might frame one for prosperity.

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