Saturday, November 27, 2010

Republican TV, episode 1

Republican TV offers uncensored Irish Republican news. In this episode, Gerry Adams briefly explains the fundamental difference between Sinn Féin’s plan to get Ireland out of this economic crisis, and the consensus for cuts currently be adhered to by the Fianna Fail/Green coalition government and the weak opposition of Fine Gael and Labour.

We also witness an interview with Brian Cowen from last year where he claimed that the Irish taxpayer would never be held responsible for NAMA or any bank bailout. Mmm, how times have changed? Or was he always a liar?

Enjoy Republican TV sensibly. Enda Kenny believes watching too much of it will give you the wrong ideas. God forbid people might actually question the FF/FG line on things. Its got to be one or the other, Ying or Yang. Or does it have to be? Maybe Enda is senile, and maybe your small toe has more brain power than the department of Finance.

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