Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tax Payers footing full bill for Water meters

Cllr Mythen being interviewed by South East Radio recently
The Irish taxpayer is being doubled charged for water metering and will now have to foot the bill for all leaks caused as a result of their installation according to Enniscorthy Councillor Johnny Mythen.  The Chairperson of Enniscorthy Town Council accused the government of using taxpayer’s money to buy political kudos by granting water meter installation contracts to some of its most important supporters.

“Irish Tax Payers money is being flushed down the drain,” Cllr Mythen said, “Over €80 million has already been paid to Irish Water for consultants while another €539 million worth of contracts will go to GMC/Sierra, Coffey Northumberland Ltd, and J .Murphy and sons for installing one million meters across the country.  They charge €500 per water meter.”

“All of this is subsidised by you the tax payer through the reserved pension fund.  Not only are you personally paying for the privilege of having a meter outside your door but all this money will be recuperated back through your water bill.  Double taxation at its best.”

“Another anomaly has arisen in Dublin city where the new water metres are causing major leaks due to the antiquated piping system.  Dublin Corporation is estimating the cost to be around €20 million.  Again this tab will be paid by the tax payer.”

“It is interesting to note if you check out the directors or share holders of the companies mentioned that some are very familiar faces that appear to the fore at various government functions.  Now isn't that a coincidence.  Imagine it won't be long before there is a bid for Irish water on the cards, throwing the tax payer out with the bath water again.”

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