Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seanad is aimsir caite

The Chairperson of Enniscorthy Town Council has slammed the notion that abolishing the Seanad is somehow undemocratic.  Sinn Féin Cllr Johnny Mythen said that despite all the rhetoric about the Seanad somehow bringing the government to task, suggesting that they act as an independent watch group is flying a false flag.

Cllr Mythen said;

"The system of electing Senators puts the upper house in complete control of whatever party or coalition is in power.  The Taoiseach elects 11 Senators. The T.D. s and County Councillors elect 43. (Again Government having the upper hand i.e. they usually have the majority of County Councillors).  Graduates of trinity college and the N.U.I. elect another 6."

"The others can be nominated by such bodies as, I.B.E.C. Transport industry federation, Irish insurance federation, National of licence association, Irish thorough breed breeders association etc.  These big organisations, their C.E.O. s, chairpersons and their board of directors are usually former government personnel. Others are politically nominated and appointed further contributing to the undemocratic system that undermines the current argument of retaining such an institution."

"How any party could defend an institution that is elected by 1% of the population and whose ranks are filled with the old boy’s brigade for services rendered must reflect their own standards and principles in public life."  

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