Sunday, June 23, 2013

Protest over shameful SNA cuts

Local teacher and Sinn Féin spokesperson Fionntán Ó Suilleabhain has described as "shameful the government decision to a impose a 25% cut to SNA's for primary school children with disabilities." I would encourage those concerned about this disgraceful cut to attend Wednesdays protest in Dublin and to ring their local Fine Gael and Labour politician.
These people, drunk on power, have really reached a new low and have lost all touch with reality. They are seemingly unaware of the impact this will have in a primary school and on the families concerned" he said.
Meanwhile, it has emerged that the level of the cuts was signed off by Ruairi Quinn’s department three weeks ago, but officials ordered no details be made public until this week, right before schools close for the summer (and a week after teachers voted in favour of The Haddington Road agreement)

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