Saturday, May 11, 2013

Failed property tax should be repealed - Mythen

An Enniscorthy Councillor has described the local property tax as another epic failure from an inept government.  Sinn Féin Cllr Johnny Mythen said that the huge hold out rate of people not paying the tax shows that it is the democratic wish of the majority that this tax should be scrapped and alternative, progressive revenue raising tactics should be implemented instead.

Cllr Mythen said;

"During the weekend before the governments deadline for registration for the local property tax, the national media confirmed that one in four of those liable for the tax had paid.  Just 400,000 people out of an eligible 1.66 million had informed the taxman of how much they owe.  This was despite the threat of the full force of the revenue commissioners hanging over their heads."

"If ever there was proof needed that the majority of Irish people oppose a cross the board property tax, then this is it.  It is clearly the democratic wish of the majority that the property tax should be scrapped.  This is what Sinn Féin has been arguing for from the very beginning.  We fully opposed the unfair household charge and continue to stand against the local property tax.  This summer we will bring a repeal bill before the Dail in the hope that we can get the property tax abolished."

"The government argues that there is no option but to go ahead with this tax but they are wrong.  Sinn Féin has outlined clear and progressive alternatives.  We have called for the creation of a third rate of income tax at 48% for those who earn over €100,000 per annum and the implementation of a wealth tax on those with assets in excess of €1 million, not including working farmland and business." 

"These alternatives have to be looked at seriously by the government now because once again it has been proven that they are completely out of touch with the citizens of this country."

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