Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kelly responds to Labour attack

While I welcome the funding for the necessary new A&E unit at Wexford Hospital which I have campaigned for over the years, I accuse, Labour Cllr George Lawlor for clearly engaging in what can only be described as “political theatrics” over the past week when he used Wexford Hospital as a political football to attack Sinn Fein.

Cllr Lawlor should have directed his hysteria at RTE who were the first source that revealed that there was political interference by Ministers Reilly/Howlin/Hogan in fast-tracking HSE building projects for their own political gain. One of his party members ex Junior Health Minister Roisin Shorthall was also to the fore-front in her criticisms of the three Ministers.

As an opposition party Sinn Fein were doing their job in calling on the relevant Ministers for clarification and transparency on the issue something that the Labour Party engaged in regularly while in opposition.

The Labour/Fine Government are prepared to implement future severe health cuts on an already struggling service which will result in hospitals having  to cut back on frontline services which in turn will impact on patient care, will we then hear Cllr Lawler’s hysterical voice condemning these cut’s Highly Unlikely.

- Cllr Anthony Kelly

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