Thursday, January 10, 2013

Generation lost while Government attempt to bury the truth by manipulating unemployment figures

An Enniscorthy Councillor has accused the government of misrepresenting unemployment figures in an attempt to convince the public that they are effectively dealing with the jobs crisis.  Cllr Johnny Mythen said that it was time to face up to the facts and tackle the core causes of mass unemployment before we are left with a nation that was occupied by OAPs and run by bankers.

"We were promised transparency, a new Ireland," Cllr Mythen said.  "The recent C.S.O. statistics are being held up as a success story that austerity is working but when examined closely it's another false trail.  Unemployment figures always go down at Christmas time mainly due to seasonal work.  People on internships are also removed from the live register.  Combine this with  over 86000 leaving the country in 2012 and we get the shocking truth as to what is really happening to our Country.

"The political choices being made to protect markets and banks are slowly killing our Nation.   Sinn Fein are rightly challenging these policies.  We have put together a comprehensive alternative budgetary strategy to stimulate the economy with a €13Billion jobs programme.  The  real tragedy is the Governments continued pursuance of taking disposable income from the local economy and at the same time expecting it to grow."

"The paying of promissory notes must also stop now.  This is private debt nothing what so ever to do with the people.  It's time now to stop this masquerading of statistics.  It's time to face up to the facts and face down these bondholders and speculators before we are all left with a shell of a nation stripped of its assets, occupied by OAPs, economically enslaved,  and owned and run by outsiders and bankers."

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