Monday, December 10, 2012

Successful Liam Mellowes Weekend in Gorey

There was a large turnout for events over the weekend commemorating the 90th anniversary of the execution of Republican Socialist leader Liam Mellows by Free State forces .On Friday the North Wexford Historical Society hosted a packed lecture in Goreys VEC building which was given by Dr. Ruan O'Donnell.

There was also a large turnout for the annual Liam Mellows Commemoration which was held in Castletown on Sunday. The Ed O'Brien Republican flute band led the large crowd to Castletown cemetery where Aengus Snodaigh T.D. gave the main oration. In a scathing attack on the Labour Party he described their stance as "spineless" and having "betrayed the ordinary citizens of this country". "Sinn Féin are leading the fightback and are giving voice to the anger that is out there and putting forward real, costed alternatives as we did in our 28-page pre-budget submission"

Wreaths were lain by various Sinn Fein cumainn from throughout the county.

Commemoration chairman, Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin, in his address focussed on last weeks budget and the relevance of Mellows writings and life to that of modern day Ireland."While Fianna Fáil sold out the the nations sovereignty, the Labour Party had, just like in Mellows time, sold out the ordinary working people of Ireland. They broke their contract with the electorate and have continued the savage policies of austerity of their predecessors" He quoted from Liam Mellows writings, which he said were "prophetic." - “The Irish Republic stands for the ownership of Ireland by the people of Ireland. The last thing it needs is a change of masters. If her industries and banks were controlled by foreign capital, they would be at the mercy of every breeze that ruffled the surface of the world's money-markets

The Irish Labour Party have betrayed not alone the Irish Republic but the labour movement in Ireland”.

Music was later provided in the Golden Anchor pub by the popular local balladeer Darren McGovern.

Sinn Féin also held a budget protest over the weekend on Goreys Main Street which was very well received by passing motorists.

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