Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Mirror mirror on the wall, where is the fairest budget of all"

Responding to last Wednesdays budget, local Cllr. Johnny Mythen said, "anyone who thinks this is a fair budget must live in fairy land."

"Most other European Countries produce their budgets well in advance of their launch dates," the Sinn Féin Councillor said, "The various cuts and tax measures are scrutinizes by the opposition parties who have an opportunity to challenge and work out the best way forward.  In Ireland we have an archaic system which stymies the domestic economy for months.  Politicians drip feed snippets, resulting in an air of uncertainty and fear, which causes people to stop spending and hold onto any disposable income they are lucky to possess."

"This year was no exception. The governments feeble cry of "fair play" must be challenged.  Every worker in the state, earning over €18000 will pay an extra €265 per year because of the change in P.R.S.I.  A couple on the minimum wage will pay €530 extra with no clause of inability to pay afforded to them."

"A new property tax of .18% on all homes also trounces the people who are already in negative equity on their mortgages again with no  inability to pay included.  Generously the government  has said such families can defer these payments, but in doing so  will incur a penalty of €400. A fair price indeed!  In fact it's even better than a marriage vow; even in death you cannot part from this tax as it passes on to your estate."

"Lastly, three of the most unfair cuts of them all, respite grants, the home package ,and children's allowance.  These three alone are the difference between families surviving  or going under.  This government can receive all the accolades from Europe and beyond, but ordinary folk will not forget fairness means treating people equally and just in all circumstances."

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