Sunday, July 8, 2012

Anti Social behaviour destroying good communities like Bridgetown

A local Sinn Féin Councillor has said that a wave of anti social behaviour in South Wexford which has lasted on and off for up to three years is destroying good communities. Cllr Anthony Kelly was speaking prior to a public meeting in Bridgetown on Monday night, called after a spate of criminal activity in and around the village.

“This kind of behaviour is destroying good communities and making life extremely difficult for the majority of people who have pride in their locality,” Cllr Kelly said. “Recently I have been in constant contact with members of the local Sinn Féin Parle/Creane/Hogan cumann who have been keeping me up to date with the situation around Bridgetown. The stories I have heard have shocked me. Clearly this new wave of anti social behaviour is every bit as bad as the one which prompted a mass meeting in Kilmore two years ago.”

“The sad thing is Bridgetown is a prime example of a good community. During the boom the village expanded disproportionally to the amount of public services and amenities that were developed there. A large community found itself lacking essential facilities to maintain their village and give their children safe places to interact. What did they do? They banded together, formed one of the best community groups in the south east and got to work on developing those services themselves.”

“To see such a strong community now under threat from this kind of behaviour is very disturbing. The Gardaí must be free to move on the people responsible for these acts. To do that, they need information.”

“I’m calling on the people of Bridgetown and the surrounding areas to report any and all suspicious behaviour. I’m urging them to band together as a community once again. I’m asking them to show the same community spirit they showed when they formed their local community group and organised sports days for their children. Bridgetown is a great village and a beacon of community spirit. Don’t let that be destroyed by anti social behaviour and intimidation.”

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