Monday, February 20, 2012

Enniscorthy Town Council vote for abolishment of the Household Charge.

A motion calling for the Household Charge to be abolished was passed by Enniscorthy Town Council tonight (Monday 20th). The motion was put forward by Sinn Féin Cllr Johnny Mythen, who described the Household Charge as “unfair, unjust, and definitely unbalanced.”

Cllr Mythen said;
“I would like to ask my fellow councillors to support this motion tonight in the belief this Household charge/ tax is unfair, unjust, and is definitely unbalanced. A millionaire living in a mansion will pay the same as a family living in a bed sit, an apartment, or a small house. People on social welfare, people on old age, blind, widow and widowers pensions, and people on disability benefits are all eligible to pay this regressive tax if they have what is now being considered the luxury of owning their own homes.”

“People that bought their own homes, especially in the last few years, have already paid thousands of euro through stamp duty, and are now being told to pay another property tax. This equates to double taxation. Finally, families in the awful predicament of relying on mortgage protection while realising time is running out are also caught in this macro net of unfairness.”

Full Text of Cllr Mythen's motion.
That Enniscorthy Town Council call upon Minister Phil Hogan to abolish the House hold charge.
Noting that,

This charge is unfair and does not take into account genuine people who cannot pay; millionaires will pay the same as those on a low income, or an ordinary man or women who have purchased their own Council house.

This charge is a precursor to a much larger charge to follow i.e. property tax.

This charge is grossly unjust and is effectively punishing the people who through their own hard work bought their own homes without any Government assistance.

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