Monday, December 5, 2011

41 patients on trolleys as Wexford hospital crisis continues.

Cllr Anthony Kelly has demanded that decisive action be taken to end the bed shortage crisis at Wexford General Hospital after it emerged that forty one patients had spent a night on trolleys there last week. Cllr Kelly has submitted a motion inviting hospital manager Lily Byrne to the December meeting of Wexford Borough Council to see if a plan can be devised to end the trolley crisis.

“Forty one patients lay on trolleys in Wexford General Hospital last Monday night (28th),” Cllr Kelly said. “It's unacceptable that this level of degradation of patients and hospital staff is being tolerated by our local politicians. As a public body that represents the people of Wexford, the Borough Council agreed that it was necessary to invite Lily Byrne to our next meeting where we can relay the concerns of our constituents about the ongoing crisis and formulate a plan to solve this issue. This crisis is devastating the quality of service at Wexford General and is impacting on the community’s faith in its local hospital. It must be dealt with immediately.”

“I would be very concerned that certain politicians who used the hospital as an issue to get elected on have now abandoned it to an uncertain future. Or maybe they have even forgotten about it. Talk of wonderful new medical buildings for the future will give little comfort to the sick and elderly laying on trolleys in the corridors of Wexford General tonight.”

“Sinn Féin has long campaigned for better conditions for patients and the hard working staff of our county hospital. We will work actively with the management of Wexford General and any other genuine parties to bring an end to this trolley nightmare. I’m asking the people of the county to be vigilant of what is happening at their local hospital and to put pressure on their local TDs to take action. This is a time of hardship for every family in the county but we must show that famous fighting Wexford spirit and ensure that services are maintained to a high standard at our county hospital.”

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