Sunday, April 3, 2011

Parle, Creane & Hogan commemorated in Taghmon

On the 13th of March, 1923, three republican prisoners were executed by Freestate forces in Wexford Gaol. The three men were James Parle from Clovervalley, John Crean from Taghmon, and Patrick Hogan from Wexford Town. James Parle was Adjutant to Bob Lambert in the famous Kyle Flying column.

Cllr Anthony Kelly speaking at the Parle-Creane-Hogan Monument
On the 2nd April, 2011, republicans from across County Wexford gathered in the village of Taghmon where a monument to the three martyrs stands in Memorial Square. The gathering of such a large crowd on a damp Saturday night showed the respect still felt for these three men in Wexford.

Mick O' Leary preparing to lay a wreath
Local man Larry Furlong chaired the dignified commemoration. He was joined by Cllr Anthony Kelly who spoke of the need to remember these men's sacrifice in the face of continued planned austerity from a new regime. Cllr Kelly urged local republicans to support Sinn Féin's fight for a fairer Ireland, beginning with its campaign to abolish the unjust Universal Social Charge.

Members of the Parle,Creane & Hogan families with
LarryFurlong & Mick O' Leary of Sinn Féin
Members of the Parle, Creane and Hogan families joined the commemoration and laid wreaths. This was the first time in many years that republicans had commemorated Parle, Creane and Hogan at the Taghmon memorial, but Larry Furlong ensured everyone that the commemoration would go ahead again next year, and every year to come.
The Tri-Colour flies over at Memorial Square in Taghmon once more

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