Friday, February 18, 2011

MeHole Martins 4 Noble Truths

1. "All pain and misery in the world had nothing to do with me, MeHole Martin. Most of it was caused by Blueshirts, Joan Burton, Vincent Brown, the Greens and possibly Biffo. Mehole Martin was not responsible."

2. "Only me, MeHole Martin, can end all pain and misery in the world. Everyone else is lying and their policies are faulty. Better to put your faith in our complete lack of recovery policies. I mean, whats the worst that can happen....dont mention emigration, mass unemployment, bankers, bailout, IMF, traitors or anything else that might leave a bad reflection upon the icon that is Mehole Martin at this point."

3. "Gerry Adams economic plan for recovery involves selling Irish children to Nigerian pirates and sacrificing old age pensioners to Neptune, god of the sea. Fianna Fail would only cull a certain percentage of children and OAPs."

4. "MeHole Martin never harmed anyone and missed out on the corruption of Celtic Tiger era Fianna Fail because he was busy saving the rain forest and feeding homeless people. He had nothing to do with the bank bail out as he was busy setting up a school for impoverished lame pandabears that day. He missed the IMFs arrival as he was walking barefoot across Africa, curing Malaria and digging new wells as he went along."

If you believe in the Bullshitist views of Mehole Martin, vote FF, FG, Labour, the Greens or dont vote on the 25th.

If you believe in change, vote Sinn Féin.

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