Friday, October 22, 2010

The little white lies of a little corrupt government

As this blog glances through the news columns this morning, its clear that there is a growing acceptance among economists and rational people that the governments four year plan of budget cuts and misery will not be successful in clearing the cutting our deficit to 3%. Instead, in the opinion of leading economists, the governments inflexible stance on the four year plan and their rejection of all other options will lead to further economic collapse, and a possible cataclysm that some people have stated will result in a "lost decade". The ERSI have claimed that 10,000 more people will join the dole queues next year, and 60,000 more people will be forced to emigrate, as there will be NO improvement in the next four years as a direct result of the Fianna Fail/Green coalitions exceedingly austere plan.

Brian Cowen has responded to the condemnation of the governments plan by saying that all other options are "not feasible", and that attempting anything else would "would raise the actual national debt, over €20bn would have to be found."
Can we believe this?
Here are some of the other economic "facts" that this government has presented us with in the past.

"There is an exposure in the Irish banks, but they made it clear they can accommodate it........ Irish banks can weather this crisis."   - Brian Lenihan, October 2008

"Construction is hugely strong at present and looks as if it will be for the medium term. I'm always sceptical of the glasses half-empty."     Bertie Ahern, April 2006

"The consensus scenario for the housing market is a soft landing"   - Mary Harney, August 2006

"The Government is confident about the strength and resilience of the Irish financial system."   - Brian Lenihan, September 2008.

"The opposition parties .... unfounded claims have been picked up abroad...... Loose talk costs jobs!"   - Brian Cowen, June 2009

"In terms of monetary and banking stability, we are in a very good position."   - Brian Lenihan, June 2008

 "We need a strong and effective Europe to help us remain competitive....... to help us protect, retain and create jobs"   - Brian Cowen lying to the Irish people to win a Yes vote to Lisbon, September 2009.

As you can see, this blog finds it very hard to believe anything that the current government says. And lets not forget the honest, idealistic green party....
"The Green party are committed to real change and to achieve this, Fianna Fail and the Progressive Democrats must be removed from government."   - John Gormley, May 2007

Stuck to your guns there John, didn't you?

Now we can all see who was lying about the Lisbon Treaty

What this nation does not need now is the lying, incompetent actions of the Fianna Fail/Green coalition. What we need is change. What we need is a general election, and the election of a party that will fix our economy, not by punishing the weak, but by getting the country back to work. Sinn Féin is the only party in Ireland who have put forward an alternative budget that matches what the economists are now calling for.
The time for real change has come.

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