Friday, April 30, 2010

Stand up, Fight back.

Tonight Rathangan Sinn Féin members will protest the planned closure of the Rosslare to Waterford Rail Line in Rosslare Europort.
Tomorrow, our members will do likewise, but in Waterford Train station.
In the next month our cumann will take part in campaigns to save Wexford Generals A&E, to stop the closure of St Senans when no proper replacement facilities are in place, and to highlight the terrible, near impassable state of South Wexfords rural roads.

We are a working cumann.

We are a working party.

We're not politicians, and we dont get paid. We're here because we cannot sit back and watch this country continue to slip into the abyss without trying something to save it.

We're here because ready to fight back.

Are you fed up with mass unemployment?

Are you tired of worrying about money, while the bankers who caused this recession live it up?

Are you sick of watching the government shut public services?

Then join the fight.

Rathangan Sinn Féin wants new members. Contact us today on facebook on email us at for further details.

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